We've been discussing the use of technology in the classroom. Last week we took a look at some tools that teachers can use to plan and create visually appealing lessons. Over the next few posts, we'll change gears and look at tools for students to use. These range from online games and activities to ways that students can create projects and presentations. 

  • Funbrain: There are so many different categories and types of games on Funbrain, you'll use them across many content areas. They also have games that complement popular kids books, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Camp Confidential. 

  • MangaHigh: Play math games with characters that look like they stepped out of a Manga. You can play a free version of each game. 

  • Carrot Sticks: More math games! These are geared towards kids in grades 1 - 5

  • Diigo: This isn't a game site, but a way to make reading into a fun activity and learning experience. Back before apps were cool, I had my students jot notes on post-its as they read. Now they can create digital post-its with Diigo! Way cooler. Highlight, create notes, jot post-its and more to help kids generate ideas and record information as they read. 

  • Socrative: A smart student response system that engages kids through a series of educational exercises and games which can be accessed on both computers and tablet devices.

There are countless websites and apps with games and activities for students. These are just a small sampling. Feel free to post some of your favorite in the comments! 

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